Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Company Formation

We provide all the services required to get started and do business in Georgia and internationally based on our legal system experience. We cover the creation and formation of legal entities for doing business. We consult with you to discover your precise needs and create a bespoke set of articles of association that are essential for your business going forwards. Once you have formed your company, we provide you with complete support in creating the necessary contracts to work with other companies. We provide detailed legal support at all stages of your business.

Corporate Law


The creation of contracts is an important area for any business trading in the Republic of Georgia due to the fact that there are legal requirements governing the ways that entities do business. With our many years of dispute resolution experience in the judicial system we are able to provide you with consultation to create the very best forms of contract that we know are enforceable under Georgian law and will protect your interests.

Corporate Law

Corporate Litigation

 A contract is only as good as its enforcement. Sometimes it’s necessary to pursue legal action to ensure contract performance or remedy any breaches. Our team has experience carrying out the research required to construct a strong case, should the need arise. We aim to explore other more equitable options before the proceedings, one being mediation. However, as seasoned members of the Judiciary, we can represent our client’s interests to the full extent required via litigation.


Corporate Law

Intellectual Property

With the rise of globalization bringing countries together, it’s never been more critical to protect your Intellectual Property (IP). There are many forms of IP and means of protecting them. You may not be aware of what can be considered IP. It isn’t limited to patents and trademarks; copyright laws protect artists, writers, and other creatives. It makes sense to speak to an experienced legal professional to understand how best to be protected. Our specialists understand how best to use the existing legal framework to protect your IP, having worked as judges on IP cases. In the case of infringements, we can pursue cases to ensure that you are paid for licenses.

Corporate Law


Legal compliance has been a popular buzzword in Western Countries for years. This is due to the complex sets of reporting legislation relating to many areas of running a business. Georgia is quickly developing legal frameworks that need due consideration. While there is considerably more freedom at present, there is still the need to stay abreast of developments in legislation to ensure that businesses are compliant. Thanks to our role in drafting legislation in Georgia as members of the Judiciary in cooperation with international partners, we have excellent connections. We consult with you to ensure your business operates legally and makes the most of the legislative framework.

Corporate Law


Georgia is fast becoming a dynamic banking hub. Good connections with neighboring economies and more significant intercontinental partners make Georgia an attractive place to do business. Georgia now offers legal stability by establishing the rule of law, making it an obvious choice for financial operations. Recent acquisitions in the financial sector can be witness to this. Our partners developed part of the legal framework for the Banking sector and have served as legal experts in international cases. We also cooperate closely with the public sector to establish international trade agreements. Our legal expertise in the financial sector is second to none. We consult closely with clients to build businesses utilizing Georgia’s benefits fully.



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