Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law


The basis for successful operation within the real estate field, whether for commercial or residential use, is the correct creation and application of legal contracts that are enforceable under Georgian law. Our team creates contracts that best protect your interests and ensure you are legally compliant whether you buy, hold or sell real estate.

Real Estate Law


We provide complete services for the correct registration of property according to the laws of the Republic of Georgia. We stay abreast of any administrative or legal changes. We can always provide you with correct legal counsel, thus ensuring that properties are correctly registered and assigned to the title holders.

Real Estate Law


When buying property in Georgia, it is essential to carry out full due diligence regarding the legal ownership and status of the property in question. Failure to do this can result in lengthy and costly proceedings. Using our experience, we are able to successfully navigate the potential issues that may come up in an acquisition and guide you through the process to ensure a smooth purchasing procedure. 

Real Estate Law


Upon acquiring land, you may decide to undertake a construction project. There are clear legal requirements that an owner needs to meet when building. We have experience cooperating with architects and planners to liaise with building regulators to meet legal requirements and carry out the permission process as efficiently as possible. We can also consult with regulators before the purchase of land to ascertain the potential for receiving permission to construct, a factor that may have marked importance when assessing the value of lands.



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