Legal Reports

It is often difficult to understand the situation in a specific field, particularly when one doesn’t speak the local language or have knowledge of the culture or recent history. Georgia is a country rich in opportunities for entrepreneurs. However, it is advisable to work closely with legal professionals to perform due diligence to be as well-informed as possible before making decisions. Our legal reports are based on our years of experience in the judicial sector, providing background and insight for landmark cases. As such, we are ideally positioned to provide you with optimal research and resulting insight.


Expert Witnesses

For specific cases, it may be necessary to call upon the services of a Legal Expert Witness to deliver a clear and impartial view based on legal precedents. It may be the cases where local laws or jurisdiction clarification is required. We have been called to testify in numerous cases, where we have developed a reputation as reliable witnesses who command the respect of the international legal community. We are known to the leading law firms in major arbitration centers and, as such, can add significant weight to the evidence you present.


Due Diligence

When carrying out any significant business operation, it is prudent to understand the legal background of any deals that one may undertake or those involved in this transaction. This is particularly advisable in a country like Georgia, especially for international businesspeople who carefully manage their reputation. Our expertise in researching all relevant segments delivers peace of mind when carrying out your business operations.



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