In Court Mediation

Typically mediation is sought as an alternative to in-court action – however there may be cases where it is desirable for all parties to use in-court mediation services to reach a resolution. The aim of our mediation is to mitigate the harmful continuation of disputes by using proven techniques to achieve all-party agreement with a specific outcome.


Out of Court Mediation

As the legal professionals who brought Mediation to be recognised in the Georgian legal system we specialise in the provision of out of court mediation services as a viable alternative to litigation and recourse to the court system. Our experience as Judges means that we are well able to take an independent view in any situation and gain the trust of all parties – which is essential to gaining a satisfactory outcome for all parties. Mediation is advised as a means of significantly cutting costs and more importantly maintaining absolute privacy, which may be of importance to high-net-worth individuals or families who are well-known in society.



Disputes may arise at any time between different types of party – independent arbitration is an internationally recognised means of negotiating between parties in an efficient and speedy manner – something which may be of major importance in time-critical situations. Arbitration is by its nature also a process that can be used to manage disputes in a sensitive manner. Our co-operation with the London Court of Arbitration and certification s mediators by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution London ensure that you receive international standard arbitration services.



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