Personal Law

Personal Law


Regardless of the legal situation our partners are on call to provide you with a discrete and highly personalised service. As former judges and judicial professionals we are experienced in all manner of situations. Working now as legal representatives we are able to put our experience into service for our clients to achieve favourable legal outcomes. A major part of what we do is protecting the reputation and interests of our clients as may be necessary – common practice in other jurisdictions we are able to ensure that such measures are used effectively in the Georgian legal system.

Personal Law

Wills and Inheritance

Forward planning is a standard practice in Western Europe and the United States, in Georgia it is still relatively new and this can often cause many problems. We provide full services for the correct planning and administration of wills and inheritance according to Georgian law so that assets may be correctly controlled. The last thing anyone wants are protracted disputes, particularly in the sad event of a loved one passing – therefore it makes sense to consult with legal professionals to ensure the proper management of affairs. In the event that such clear planning is not available we are able to represent parties and administer assets in accordance with the evidence gathered and ensure that this is carried out in compliance with the law.

Personal Law

Wealth Management

Once an individual or family accrues significant assets it is prudent to ensure that these are correctly managed and administered in accordance with the law. As experienced judicial professionals we are ideally placed to provide independent and discrete consultation on the most effective methods of safeguarding and managing wealth. We understand the needs of clients who lead busy international lives – we currently service a client base made up of such individuals who value the professionalism we provide via our personalised approach.



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