Lasha Kalandadze

Lasha is the principal founder of Metric Law & Tax LLC – he is the senior partner responsible for overseeing all complex legal projects such as the writing of governmental trade agreements and discrete consultancy on legal matters for major investment groups. Lasha is renowned as a highly effective and results-orientated legal professional – he has been called to London to act as an expert witness on Banking Law by major international Law Firms – due to his experience in drafting legislation and ensuring the rule of law is applied as a judge he is a highly respected partner for business.

Key Experience

Judge at Tbilisi Court of Appeals between 2004 and 2015 and Deputy Chairman of Tbilisi Court of Appeals and Chairman of the Civil Law Chamber between 2006 and 2015;

Drafted much of the nation’s legislation, including the Georgian Civil Code, the Civil Procedure Code, Arbitration Law, the Law on Enforcement Proceedings, Law on Entrepreneurs and Bankruptcy Law During his years working in the judicial system.

Accredited mediator of CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution London) since 2013 as well as a member of the Education Board of the Georgian Bar Association;

Member of the High Council of Justice of Georgia and also a Head of Judges’ Discipline Board of Georgia between 2006 and 2013

Member of the Georgian Bar Association and a practicing lawyer in civil, contract, commercial, civil procedural, economic, corporate, banking, bankruptcy, insurance and tort law;

Began working on his PHD in 2015 at Ivane Javakhishvili State University of Tbilisi;

National Correspondent at the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) for the European Council as well as a representative in the Network of Pilot Courts for the CEPEJ for the European Council between 2008 and 2015

Lecturer of civil and civil procedural law at Ivane Javakhishvili State University of  Tbilisi, Ilia State University and at the High School of Justice of Georgia;

Trained judges, judicial candidates, court staff, attorneys medical staff and journalists in cooperation with German and American judges and professors on many topics such as Termination of Contract; Insurance Law; Bank Law; Mediation – alternative dispute resolution; Medical Mediation; Techniques for Settlement; Patient’s Rights and responsibility of health care professionals;  Principle of party disposition and adversarial process; Default judgment and security of claim; Practical Seminars in Civil and Civil procedure Law; Labour Law; Bankruptcy Law; Issues of Civil and Constitutional Law; Tort Law; Unjust enrichment; Copyright and Neighbouring Rights; Patent Law; Communication standards for judges; Judicial behavior and ethics; Judge’s decision making process; Legal writing – Methods of writing decisions on civil cases at the first instance court; Unethical behaviour and disciplinary liability.

Helped introduce the concept of mediation to the Georgian legal system, having helped draft much of the law on this topic. Currently, is a member of a working group on the nation’s mediation code of ethics;

Lasha has an experience to represent clients in international level. He drafted several contracts for clients in various business fields, including the situation when counter-parties were represented by internationally famous law firms and lawyers. 

He participated in the hearings in foreign countries courts and international arbitrations as an expert.

He formulates expert reports and effectively represents these before domestic and foreign countries courts and/or international arbitrations, mostly on international transactions, banking law, insurance law, entrepreneur law.   

Helping foreign investors in formation of companies and business in Georgia, support them and makes effective recommendations how to broaden their activities and how to attract interested persons. 



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