Tea Khamkhadze

An expert in courtroom litigation Tea is a skilled and feared advocate who has successfully represented claims pertaining to child law, family law and civil law – she’s well-versed in how to use adversarial system of judges in favour of her clients, she has strong skills in interviewing witnesses and experts, to reason/justify claims, arguments, petitions and motions.

Tea can

  • provide detailed legal advice based on long-term judicial experience;

  • draw up any type of legal documents;

  • represent you whether in court proceedings or in out of court mediation;

  • provide due-diligence for mergers and acquisition and real estate purchase;

  • provide you with expert report preparation;

  • advise on details of copyright and trademark law

Key Experience

As a trial judge, adjudicated all kinds of civil and administrative cases, including contract, commercial, real estate, loan, mortgages, stocks, copyrights, insurance, patent cases and etc.

·      Drafted legislation, including the Georgian Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code;

·      Created contracts in many areas of civil law, including business, banking, real estate, partnership, insurance, and etc.

·      Created legal expert reports for Georgian and foreign companies related to the property and contractual issues;

·      Represented clients in all court instances, arbitration as well as administrative bodies;

·      Helped to harmonize Georgian legislation to the western legal system.

Career History

·      Judge, Tbilisi City Court;

·      Judge, Rustavi City Court;

·      Consultant,  Supreme Court of Georgia;

·      Assistant to judge, Tbilisi Court of Appeal;


·      Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of law, Qualification of lawyer

Qualification exams:

·      Qualification exam of judge;

·      Qualification exam of lawyer (Georgian Bar Association);

·      Qualification exam of assistant to judge;



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